Why Flirting isn’t Cheating

Bianco Falco , Viewpoints Editor

Today’s definition of dating is a little out of line. “Cheating” to some would be if your partner is laughing with someone else or having a simple conversation. Mainly implying that flirting is cheating, here’s the thing.

 Dating someone requires trust. You need to trust that they aren’t going to cheat on you. Cheating would mean if your partner touches or kisses someone other than who they are with, which is cheating, not flirting. Flirting by definition, is to behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions. If you are in a relationship it isn’t right to flirt with others, however you shouldn’t be accused of cheating.

“Flirting can have many different definitions depending on your standards, for some it may seem like seeing your partner talking to someone else is flirting, when really it could just be friendly,” says a WHS sophomore.

“People need to grow up, everyone today is so insecure that they assume their girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on them cause they see a conversation as flirting, and assume their partner is cheating,” says another sophomore Grace Kane.  

Neither cheating nor flirting is ok if you are in a relationship, but people need to realize the differences between the two.