Where Has the School Spirit Gone?

Jenna Miller, Editor in Chief

This school year has hit Wantagh hard. With the cancellation of the Pep Rally and Senior Variety Show, students worry that school spirit is diminishing this year. In fact, many students were quick to criticize this year’s Spirit Week — from its themes to its participation.

“Wantagh High School used to be so much better,” claimed junior Jenna Loew. “I was disappointed with this year’s Spirit Week. The themes were somewhat lazy. I see other schools like Lynbrook going all-out on their Spirit Weeks. They do themes like cowboys and people go over-the-top with their school spirit. They paint their faces, wear tutus, and overall I feel like Wantagh could learn from it.”

Loew also recalled how when the volleyball team came up with a spirit day theme, every one of the team members would dress accordingly in an outfit that fits the theme. “I don’t see how it’s so hard for the whole school to do the same.”

On the topic of themes for Spirit Week, I spoke to some of the students who come up with the ideas for Spirit Week, and they turned down some of the ideas I came up with. Mismatched Day was “too cliche.” Disney Day, Hawaiian Day, Decades Day, and Formal Day were “too hard.” Crazy Hair Day was “unfair.” Of all the ideas I pitched, only Tie-Dye Day made the cut.

On the brighter side, junior Kate Padgett, who values school spirit, observed many of her peers trying to do something about the diminishing school spirit. She tried to make a conscious effort to restore it. “Today I’m pretty sure I saw more juniors in pajamas than any other grade…Let’s show the seniors what we’re made of…!”, she cried eagerly. “Trust me, you will not regret participating in everything this week! …If this works to get the spirit up, we totally have a shot at winning Spirit Night this year.”

There’s also another plus to showing more school spirit. Much of the student body was disappointed that events such as the Senior Variety Show — which many seniors had been eagerly preparing for. With school spirit, you show the school your passion and pride towards being part of the student body – and if the school knows students are going out of their way to show spirit and perpetuate their pride, then there’s a chance that in the future, we could not be robbed of enjoyable events. After all, what’s a school without spirit?