Mukbangs – Fun but Pointless

Jillian Laino, News Editor


If you want to find out the most current trends, Youtube is the place to go. A couple months ago the trend was all things slime, then it was conspiracy videos, then to ASMR, and now one of the most popular trends is mukbangs. Mukbangs are basically when you order a ton of food and film yourself eating it. While the whole concept of a mukbang sounds pretty pointless, they are actually extremely entertaining. Now people are combining the mukbang trend with another trend: ordering what the person in front of you ordered. This past weekend, my friends and I decided to join the trend and see for ourselves what all the hype is about.

Our first stop on our trend journey, was Starbucks. We got to the drive through and asked the worker if she could surprise us with a fun, crazy drink. She sounded very confused, so we had no idea what we were going to get. We made our way to the pick-up window and the suspense began to rise. Would it be a basic frappuccino? A caramel macchiato? Finally, we got to the window, and we’re pleasantly surprised. We ended up getting a captain crunch frappuccino, which is from the secret menu. We all agreed that we wouldn’t order it again, but it was definitely a fun experience.

Next up – McDonalds. We got to the window and asked if we could get the same thing as the person in front of us. We wanted to be surprised, but the worker told us that it was only a diet coke, so we decided to go around again. Once we got back to the window, we asked the same question. While before the driver in front of us got the absolute minimum, not it seemed like the driver in front of us ordered the whole menu. The total was $75.00, so we decided to skip this order and of course, go around again. When we got back to the window, the worker definitely was not happy to see us. He already knew what we were going to ask, so he automatically put in the previous order. We weren’t going to be picky this time, we just had one item that we absolutely did not want: Fish Fillet. WE waited a few minutes and then looked at the order screen. The person in front of us ordered not one, but of course two, fish fillets. While this definitely did not satisfy our hunger, it did provide us with a lot of laughs.

If your looking to be a little spontaneous, hop on these trend bandwagons. You’re not guaranteed to get something you like, but you’re certainly guaranteed to have a really good time with your friends.