So Lucky to Have Grown up in Wantagh


Grace Anne McKenna, Editor in Chief

From the moment each Warrior arrives in the high school, we think about  Mrs. Breivogel’s refrain: “Your name is your most prized possession.” In other words, your reputation dictates your fate. This ideal of identity resonates within each organization I have been a member of in Wantagh.

From an early age, I learned how to get involved in and make a positive impact on my community. Today, I am a leader in many organizations. As a young girl, I could only dream of serving as a 2-time captain on the swim team, earning the title of Key Club President, becoming Editor-In-Chief of The Warrior, or gaining acceptance to Boston College.

However, my younger self would never have expected that my dream to qualify for states would be shattered by 3-tenths of a second at the final swim meet of my senior year. I would never have predicted that years of training would be defined by one last race. Yet, the devotion to my passion and the pride I have for my identity has given me the strength to overcome obstacles in times of failure. This moment may have diminished my chances to compete at states, but I am proud to have achieved All-Division and All-Conference.

I have matured throughout my time in Wantagh and the interactions with the people I have met along the way. I have made lifelong friends, built bonds with special mentors, and learned valuable lessons. My time here has impacted the way I view life with positivity and my strive to make a difference.

I would like to thank my family, my friends, Mr. Kravitz, Mr. Rafferty, Ms. Jones and Heidi Felix especially for all their guidance and support throughout high school. They have always believed in me and continue to inspire me.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue my academic education and further explore my potential in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. I aspire to grow as a leader and take advantage of the plethora of opportunities that BC has to offer. Writing for The Heights next year will enable me to have a voice in a new environment.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Live a good life. And in the end, it’s not the years in a life, it’s the life in the years.” To every Warrior, I implore each of you to be authentic. Always be willing to challenge your limits and live life to the fullest. Above all, make sure that you are happy and you share that happiness with others.

Despite the different hats I have worn throughout my career thus far, the most important lesson I have learned is that my character defines who I am. I have earned my place as a role model in my community and I will continue to set an example at BC. I know that Wantagh has prepared me for the next 4 years and all the years that follow.

Over the past 6 years on the varsity swim team, Raff has taught me that “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” I am so lucky to have grown up in Wantagh. I am extremely grateful for all the memories I have made in this small town on the south shore of Long Island. No matter where my life will take me, I will forever remain a Warrior.

As Editor-In-Chief, I am officially signing off.

Go Warriors & Go Eagles!