Heading to the Big City and Your Dream School

Alexa Salerno, Reporter

College fair after college fair, essay after essay, it all leads up to this moment. My dad had just gotten the mail when I went to brush my teeth. My sister eagerly asked her daily, “Is there anything from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in the mail?” Of course, thinking the answer was no (we had been waiting for over 2 weeks since acceptance letters were first sent out) I started to brush my teeth when I jumped at the loud screech, “OMG AHHHHHH.”

Thinking my sister had seen a bug in the house, I did the only logical thing and ran out to make sure it wasn’t in front of the bathroom where I was. However, to my surprise she was holding a large envelope that read, “FIT, WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME” (so much for the suspense of opening the letter). She quickly ripped it open as if to reveal an even bigger secret than the acceptance letter to her dream school. Needless to say, there were endless amounts of tears, phone calls, and posts on Instagram and Snapchat.

 Fast forward to August 18(move-in day), my sister cannot wait to set up her new dorm room with the 6 IKEA duffle bags we lugged unenthusiastically from the train to Penn Station. By the time we walked one block from Penn Station, 2 IKEA bags were ripped and their contents were falling out on the sidewalk. After a 15 minute walk in the toasty ninety degree weather, we had finally arrived at the school. We were pleasantly surprised by a newly renovated dorm room and were greeted by the steamy air as there was no air conditioning in this “newly renovated dorm room.” This day felt like forever as I am not a city person, however soon enough I was back in our air-conditioned home. 

Now, after this year long journey of applications, acceptance, and move-in day, my sister loves her new home and can’t wait to further her studies in graphic design.