Summer of ’19 Ends but Memories Last a Lifetime

Hannah Popadin-Lesniak, Reporter

My biggest fear was not doing well on the geometry regents and then on July 1 when I found out I had passed, my summer had finally begun.

I spent my summer days working at Jones Beach, my weekends with my friends, and my nights watching Grey’s Anatomy.  

But the highlight of my summer took place during the week of July 21-27 when I went to sleepaway camp—where I got to be with my best friends for 168 hours straight and zero stress. . . Camp Nazareth. 

Sure, the eight-hour bus ride was not the best, but it was so worth it for the week ahead of me. Once I got off that bus, and encountered friends that I hadn’t seen in seven months. I will never forget the joy of reconnecting. One of the best things about camp is the fact that they take our phones. Sure, the adjustment is hard but I quickly forget about it. I have no drama to worry about and can focus on being with my friends. While attending camp for the past seven summers, I have made friends for life and will cherish them forever. 

From the campfire, to hiking, to staying up till sunrise, my time at camp was truly great. After a week, I got my phone back, and reality buzzed in my ear. The drama and worries returned. Life as a camper will soon end but at least I will always have my camp memories to cherish.