Why Measles is Coming Back

Gregory White, Reporter

Should children be required to be vaccinated? This is a debate that had divided the nation and even the world. Some believe that parents’ rights matter more than safety, which can be a very dangerous mindset.

Opposition to vaccines has been around since they were invented, mostly due to religion, but skepticism was still around. This dates back to when Edward Jenner discovered the method of injecting the blister fluid of someone infected with smallpox into the arms of another person. But today’s anti-vaxxers are much different. Their reasons for refusing to become vaccinated vary wildly. Whether they believe that they do not have any benefits, they’re harmful, just used for profit, or that the government is using vaccines to control people. One thing is certain though, lots of things can go wrong with a large number of unvaccinated people who are in danger of becoming infected with dangerous diseases as well as spreading them in cramped spaces together. 

Due to the mentality of anti-vaxxers, viruses like measles, which were previously believed to be eradicated, and now coming back, with one report of over 1,240 cases this year alone. 

Another major issue with anti-vaxxers is people who are immunocompromised. These are people who cannot become vaccinated, meaning they are at a much higher risk than ordinary people when it comes to infections. This would not normally be a problem with the theory of herd immunization, where everyone else can be vaccinated to prevent them from spreading to others and eventually eradicating the disease. However, anti-vaxxers are destroying this, putting immunocompromised people at risk. 

We can only hope that people will come to their senses, but for now, we can try to put mandates for children to be vaccinated in place, as well as try to stop false information from spreading. Hopefully, the next generation won’t have to worry about the measles or other viruses becoming widespread again.