Save the Earth—Use Less Plastic


Jaclyn DeAngelo, Reporter

Do consumers realize how plastic affects our earth? Most teens really don’t think about the consequences of using plastic water bottles, plastic bags or straws. There is so much plastic in landfills and oceans. These plastic items have a terrible impact on marine life, such as turtles. 

Over one million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic. Plastic hurts the sea turtles and other marine life since they mistake it as their normal food. When sea turtles eat plastic it causes an intestinal blockage leading to death. 

There is currently 100 million tons of plastic in our oceans. We all must use reusable water bottles, non plastic straws or just recycle. The sad fact is most people think that since they are only one individual they will not make a difference. The truth is if everyone keeps a positive mindset and thinks about the environment it can have a positive impact on the marine life. Teens and adults should at use less plastic everyday. 

Some states like California and Hawaii are trying to get rid of plastic straws since straws can not be recycled and end up in the ocean. California’s governor just signed a law prohibiting restaurants from giving people straws unless asked for and Seattle has axed them. Washington is the only state that has banned plastic straws within the United States. 

To help with the case of too many plastic bags getting in our oceans several states are trying to get people not to use them. There are more than 300 cities across the United States with bans or fees for single-use plastic bags. Some states—like California, Hawaii— and 55 other countries have banned plastic bags. Thirty-one other states and countries have put a fee on using or purchasing plastic bags. 

Banning plastic bags can greatly reduce a large amount of plastic in our oceans. Four years after China had banned plastic bags the amount of plastic bags thrown into the environment was reduced by 40 billion. If many states within the US ban these plastic bags there can be less landfills each year. This proves that since China has been using just a little less plastic it positively affects our oceans and the environment! More countries like China should do this and try to help out our environment before it’s too late.

If we don’t do something to help reduce the plastic waste we will end up in a very polluted world in the future. So start help the environment. You can revent this! You don’t want our future to be negatively affected by this plastic waste do you?