Cotton Candy Grapes? No way

Claire Yustat, Sports Editor

Ever heard of a hybrid fruit? International Fruit Genetics in Bakersfield, California has hybridized two different grape species and the product is delicious. The company has many different flavors but their most popular is the Cotton Candy grape. 

Over the summer while I was lifeguarding, I noticed someone was eating grapes and I asked for one. They were the cotton candy grapes and when I tried it I was forever hooked on the fruit. 

With a perfect balance of flavor, theses special grapes have become a popular snack. The website says, “These grapes aren’t sticky and loaded with granulated sugar like the fluffy stuff you munched on back in the day. But they’re just as sweet- and much juicier.”

 The best part of this is that they are all natural and healthy for you. They still have an abundance of cancer fighting antioxidants like regular grapes do. In addition, the grapes grown by the International Fruit Genetics company are all non-gmo and sustainably grown. It is a good product grown in good circumstances. There is no other grape like it and I definitely recommend giving them a try. 

But buy your Cotton Candy grapes soon because they will probably be very hard to find after September.