The Royal Princes and Ballet

Hannah Popadin-Lesniak, Reporter

During the summer Lara Spencer from Good Morning America mentioned that Prince George was starting to take interest in ballet classes. She said, “Prince William said Prince George absolutely loves ballet. . . I have news for you Prince William, we’ll see how long that lasts.”  And this is when the argument began. 

When the dance community heard about this, dancers from all around the nation went online to educate Spencer. One of the most famous male dancers in this day and age, Travis Wall, took this very seriously. He was the first to react to Lara’s comment through an Instagram video. 

Lara Spencer did not think she had said anything wrong on live television, so she apologized on Instagram. She steered her apology in another direction so she did not sound like the bad guy. The dance community wanted an apology on air, not over social media. 

As a dancer, I agree that starting ballet young is smart. Studies show that it takes at least 10 years for a classical dancer to develop all the skills needed to succeed. It wasn’t Prince George’s age that made Lara Spencer say this, it was his gender. Male dancers are common and very successful. Sure, watching females dance is nice, but to me watching males dance is ten times more exciting. 

Two professional male dancers, Travis Wall and Robbie Fairchild, decided that they would teach a ballet class before GMA went live. The outcome was unbelievable! Over 300 dancers showed up at 6:30am to participate in a ballet class in the streets of New York City. Later that day, Lara met with these male dancers and finally made her apology on live television. 

Dance is one of those hobbies that people never count as a sport or take seriously. And after this, I believe Lara Spencer should go watch a dance performance at the Lincoln Center, where the New York City Ballet performs. She should also apologize to every male dancer who is being made fun of for doing what he loves.