Chromebooks are Here for All


Photo by Grace Kane

Grace Kane, Editor in Chief

As many students know, every Wantagh student gets a chrome book this year for the first time. And oddly enough, many students don’t want them. 

“I hope the chrome book doesn’t break the day after I get it,” says junior Sarah Benkovic. The opinion of many juniors is that we have gone so far without them, why should we get them now? 

The class of 2022 got them in 8th grade. So the class of 2021 missed it by one year. Why not wait until the class of 2021 graduates? 

On the other hand, many teachers are happy that all of their students have chromebooks. “It changes how you teach,” said English and Journalism teacher Mr. Kravitz. “Instead of handing out a textbook, students will complain about, we can just pull up certain stories and texts on chromebooks. This way students don’t have to lug heavy books in their already overloaded backpacks. As far as the wifi goes, it appears to be working pretty well this year.” 

However, some teachers want students to lug textbooks and chromebooks at the same time. So, the chromebooks become added weight. 

Undoubtedly, most teachers and some students like the chromebooks. “It will help me do my work harder,” said junior Shaun Joyce. 

“I think chrome books are a good idea because it creates a responsibility for us to carry them on our own,” says junior Allison Russo. 

But many juniors and seniors are unhappy. 

 “Chrome books really make me angry,” says junior Kelsea Hagan. “It was one thing if the WiFi worked, but it doesn’t.” We all have figured out our ways of taking notes and applying ourselves in school, if we get chrome books now, it would just ruin that aspect. 

Most of the students who do want the chromebooks want them so they can play games like club penguin on them. For those students,  there is no real academic reason for their chromebook interest. 

Hopefully, it works out for everyone and the students adjust nicely to the new addition to Wantagh High School. Technology is always the future so we need to evolve with it and take advantage of it.