Bill Nye? Fake News?

Ella Cetina, Reporter

Recently, a rumor has been circling around the internet that Bill Nye, the popular TV science guy, was arrested on suspicion for manufacturing and selling drugs. And Twitter went crazy. 

Although funny to think about, is it realistic or true? The answer is no. 

The rumor started in 2014, after an article written by Huzlers. Huzlers is a Chicago based satirical blog, that makes fictional stories and articles about celebrities, and urban entertainment. So basically, it’s a blog dedicated to fake news.They have written articles about Justin Bieber and Lil Nas X among many other well known celebrities.

Fake news can be very detrimental  and confusing for readers that don’t know that what they are reading is false. Now, because of social media fake news spreads like rapid fire. Just remember that  not everything you read online is true and that it’s important to make sure you are reading from reliable sources.