The Unfair Truth About Class Bests

Claire Yustat, Sports Editor

Every year the senior class gets to vote their classmates for specific categories they believe they best fit into. Some of these include most expressive eyes, most outgoing, best actor, and best dressed. 

It is a fun activity for everyone to come together and vote as well as see who they think will win every category. The “winners,” or people who received the most votes, are posted in the main hallway in the school after a certain amount of voting time for the senior class. Every year controversy follows the results. 

Some common complaints are that the categories are too boring. People want the old categories back like class flirt, best kept secret and best physique. They have been taken away for being too “controversial.” In my opinion, school officials are becoming too sensitive. In addition to that, there are always a handful of outgoing seniors who win every category. 

Maybe it’s a popularity contest or perhaps those students really deserve to win. Despite this controversy, people are bored with the results and easily predict the winners each year. The only way seniors can change this boring cycle of having the same five names hung up in the hallway is to simply vote for other people who deserve to win. It is an easily-solved problem that can result in a better representation of the senior class.