Love it? Few Students Do, So Why Give Homework?

Jaclyn DeAngelo, Reporter

Do you think homework is a complete waste of time? There are many debates about whether homework should be in schools or not. Does homework benefit students or just put more stress in their lives? 

“It’s important that students have homework,” according to Duke professor Harris Cooper, from a article. “Meta-analysis of homework studies showed a correlation between completing homework and academic success, at least in older grades.” This important piece of information explains that giving homework helped improve academic grades and can be very helpful.

 In addition, doing homework prepares students for big responsibilities. It prepares kids for future college work and future assignments. Assigning homework can also get parents more involved in their child’s education. Parents also learn what their kids are doing for the last 6-7 hours of school. 

“I don’t give homework as busy work,” says social studies teacher Mr. Ruane. “Doing homework will help you learn for the unit test.”

On the other hand, parents disagree with the idea of having homework after a long school day. Some parents think that homework does more harm and gives their kids more unnecessary stress. 

Students shouldn’t be given homework since they need to rest their minds and bodies after a long day. If teachers give their students homework it cuts out of time with their family on the daily. Family time is important especially since you haven’t seen your family members all day and since the years fly by. 

“I think homework takes up a lot of my time and is counts for very little of my grade,”  said sophomore Amanda Amato. “I also think that homework give give me stress instead of helping out with the lesson.” 

In my personal opinion we shouldn’t have to do homework and add more stress to our lives. Honestly homework may help students academically but it can also make a student’s life miserable. I remember when I was younger getting frustrated with my parents helping me do my math homework. I used to have mental breakdowns crying that I didn’t understand the work but sadly my parents couldn’t figure out how to help me. 

My parents were taught using different methods of math when they were younger and really couldn’t help me. This math homework ended up being very stressful and overbearing through my years of elementary and middle school. I had never been great at math especially in 6th grade and the load of confusing, frustrating homework made me miserable.