Practice What You Preach

Ella Cetina, Reporter

October 10 is World Mental Day. Of course, I knew what that meant, I would have to tap through countless stories on Instagram with quotes about being kind and “It’s okay not to be okay.” 

One thing I noticed though was that most of the people that were posting were people that I knew weren’t the nicest people. I could tell that to them posting was more about how it made themselves look, rather than to send a message

Honestly, if they really cared about others and their mental health wouldn’t they be more friendly and tolerant to them?. At the end of the day, fakely telling your followers that you care about them doesn’t make anyone feel better, it makes them feel worse.

To spread a message of kindness, the first thing you have to do is be kind to others, so if you’re not doing that yourself then, frankly, telling someone else to be kind makes no impact. If people truly meant what they said and posted, then maybe there would be no reason to have to post things about being kind to others.

 I think that it’s important that society is becoming more aware of mental illnesses, but it’s another thing to exploit mental illnesses to make yourself look better.