Politics Divide Families

Thomas Rochford, Reporter

Since President Trump came into office my family has been divided about him. One side of my family says that Trump is the worst-person ever. The other side says that Trump has been doing good things and should be re-elected in 2020.

This has affected the way we all interact. At family gatherings we are all separated and don’t interact with one another. Some people in my family are for some of the things Trump does such as his negotiations with North Korea. They would like to stop the arguing but that will not happen anytime soon. Another big problem they face is the 2020 election. 

On the anti-Trump side they are all divided about a Democratic candidate. On the pro-Trump side they are all for Trump. They support that Trump wants to make peace with other countries. They also like that Trump wants to get illegals out of the United States. 

My family hasn’t always been like this. Before the 2016 election we would see each other a lot and now we barely see one another. As you can tell my family will be separated until we can all agree on one topic. When the 2020 election comes around if the Democrats or Republicans win, my family will become more separated more than they are already