Ripped Jeans and Mom Jeans Are Back

Jaclyn DeAngelo, Reporter

You might have not known but pieces of clothing or accessories we wear today came back into fashion. Little things from chokers, crop tops, ripped jeans and mom jeans came back into fashion from 40 years ago. 

If you ever watched any older movies you would see the main female character wearing mom jeans or maybe a choker necklace. These pieces of clothing and accessories were a big fashion trend during the time of the 2000s and 1980s. Teens today wear what their parents wore when they were younger since it came back to be a somewhat “new” fashion trend. 

Ripped jeans and mom jeans are very in style in right now and many girls wear these during the fall and winter. Ripped jeans are tighter denim jeans with a bunch of different kinds of rips in both legs.

 They were a popular style during the late 1980s. These jeans were very popular during the hard rock and heavy metal era and also during the grunge era in the 1990s and 2000s. Ripped jeans usually cost between $25 and $70 depending on the store you get them at. They are sold at American Eagle, Aeropostale, Forever 21, Pacsun and many other stores.   

On the other hand, Mom jeans were another popular type of jeans a while back. These jeans were the most popular during the 2000s worn mainly by middle-aged American women. Mom jeans are a type of high waisted denim jeans with bagger legs and several rips in the legs. 

These jeans now back in style are usually paired with a belt and a short crop top. Mom jeans can cost between 35 and 70 dollars in today’s money. They are found in multiple stores such as American Eagle, Aeropastle, Pacsun, Hollister and many more!

You have probably seen many girls wear crop tops to school or out during the weekend. This was another big style that came back from the spectacular year the 1940s! Crop tops made its way through different fashion scenes during movies and TV shows during the 1940s. This cropped, tight shirt didn’t become a “new” fashion until the 1970s and 80s during the hippie movement. The price of crop tops vary a lot depending on the store you but them at.  

Chokers have came back in style and are now worn by many girls of all ages. A choker is a type of necklace that is closely snatched around your neck for fashion purposes. These unique types of necklaces originated during the 19th century and reached its peak during 1900 while Queen Victoria ruled the United Kingdom. 

After it was a popular accessory in the 19th century chokers came back into fashion during the 1920s and 40s. Chokers generally cost up to $10 in today’s money and found in many different stores in our malls. Some stores such as Claires, Forever 21 and Amazon’s online websites sell different kinds of chokers.