Should Abortion Be a Choice?

Jaclyn DeAngelo, Reporter

What are your thoughts about abortion? This year many states have made abortion illegal. This created chaos for women who got pregant and couldn’t have a choice of abortion.

Abortion should be legal for many reasons. A fetus in the first trimester shouldn’t have stronger rights than the mother who is carrying this child. Legalizing abortion can be useful to help control overpopulation. If the life of the mother was compromised, the mother should have the right to abort the child in self-defense. If a fetus was conceived through rape or incest is like an intruder and the mother should be able to abort the fetus.Also, forcing a woman to continue with a forced pregnancy is a violation of her rights

Many Americans care more about the fetus than the woman carrying this fetus. It should be the choice of the women not of the mostly male legislatures. 

Women should have control over their bodies and if they want to give birth and care for a baby. The law shouldn’t take this choice away from us and give women no say. I disagree with the fact that women aren’t allowed to have the choice of abortion in different US states. No one else besides the woman carrying that fetus should make such a life changing decision. The sad fact is most people don’t have to make the decision about abortion but have strong opinions about this subject. 

On the other hand, other may feel abortion should be illegal. Prolife supporters are for the decision of abortion being illegal. Their argument is that abortion is morally wrong since the the fetus is an innocent human that has the potential to be alive human baby. They believe that a fetus is a person upon conception. There have been many states that have made abortion illegal this year: Alabama, Georgia, Indiana and Lousiana. 

Abortion can be a difficult topic to talk about and many have different opinions on this topic. This is a worldwide problem that many teen moms and women may experience. This can be a difficult decision but should be a choice.