Is Black Friday Shopping Dangerous?

Ella Cetina, Reporter

There have been 12 deaths and 117 injuries internationally since 2006 (mainly in the U.S) due to Black Friday. Yet its popularity continues. People have been pepper sprayed, trampled, stampeeded, and have had miscarriages due to the madness and sheer chaos that ensues on the fateful day and all to get some measly deal.

So, is Black Friday really worth the risk? Often times, stores have deals that don’t really save customers much money and the hassle is not worth the savings. Businesses find savvy ways to trick consumers into believing they are saving when in all actuality they’re. Customers are under that assumption that the best time to save on toys is on Black Friday, but the best sales are the last few weeks leading up to Christmas. TVs are also a hot item on everyone’s shopping list for Black Friday. Customers rush into stores to grab name-brand TVs at stellar prices.What companies aren’t telling you is that they sometimes work out deals with well-known manufacturers like Sony and Samsung to make models with less features, so that they can be sold at lower prices.

Thirty years ago, Black Friday didn’t really exist and the Friday after Thanksgiving was a great day to go shopping without the hoards. Now, it’s the complete opposite and if you’re trying to avoid crowds go any day but Black Friday.