Puzzles that Are More than Puzzling

Timothy Eletto, Reporter

I have no idea why, but recently, I’ve been addicted to Chris Ramsay’s videos about solving puzzles.

Chris Ramsay has been very popular YouTuber, because of his magic, for a very long time — and for a good reason. His sleight of hand is incredible, and his tricks are mind blowing.

Recently, however, he has also been posting videos about puzzles. These aren’t the classic jigsaw puzzles that our grandparents used to do. These are occasionally antique one-of-a-kind level 10/10 puzzles that can cost up to thousands of dollars.

What’s so incredible about his videos is how much they make you think. Throughout the videos, I often try to figure out how to solve the puzzle myself. It’s almost like solving a puzzle without the stress of actually trying to solve a puzzle.

Furthermore, I appreciate the amount of skill required to make a video look as professional as his videos. As a filmmaker, I understand the struggle of trying to make a polished-looking video.  He makes it seem easy, as he films epic introductions to each of the puzzles.

A great example is a video in which he attempts to solve a puzzle that he claims looks like something from Star Wars. The video is called “If STAR WARS Made a Level 10 Puzzle!” It starts off with a Stormtrooper introducing Kylo Ren to the puzzle. It’s an incredibly fun and professional looking skit, and it adds a lot of production value and entertainment to the video.

I could watch these videos for hours — as a matter of fact, I do. I spend so much time watching these videos that I’ve found myself spending upwards of an hour just watching one of his videos. If you’ve never seen the videos before, definitely check them out, and watch as you become a fan of watching somebody solve puzzles.