The Eletto Christmas Spectacular

Timothy Eletto, Reporter

The 2019 Eletto Christmas Spectacular is up and running, and I have never felt so relieved.

Since the summer, I have been working on our yearly Christmas light show. This means fixing up decorations, making a mix, and coding the lights to dance to the music.

When the movie “The Greatest Showman” came out, I immediately fell in love. I always joke around about how from a film standpoint, it was terrible, but I truly felt connected to the story. From a young age, I have been obsessed with the idea of entertaining people, so I was able to relate to the young man’s dream.

Aside from the story, the catchy music made it impossible to dislike the movie. I even got the soundtrack on my phone and proceeded to listen to it, on my own time, for about a year after watching the movie.

I figured that it would make sense to use this music that I loved in my light show, but I always pulled back at the idea because of how many people have already made “The Greatest Showman” themed light shows.

Eventually, I realized that the existing light shows typically featured a single song from the soundtrack, so as long as I set mine to a medley of pieces, I would allow myself to make my own tribute to the movie.

So, I went through all the music from the movie, found the most underrated pieces, and mixed them into one track. Once I had my mix, it was time to start coding it.

We use a program called “Light-O-Rama” to code the light show, which seems to be the most common software for a project like this. For the next 3 or 4 months, I was working on programming the lights with precision to make them appear to be dancing.

Finally, after all the tedious clicking, the 2019 Eletto Christmas Spectacular: “The Greatest Light Show” is finished, and it’s time to spread the news so the people that watch every year can come check it out.  All that’s left to do is hope that it lives up to the Eletto standards.