Don’t Obsess over Your Image

Jaclyn DeAngelo, Reporter

I have heard the term self-love many times before but I’ve never truly understood what it meant. Self-love can be defined as loving who you are as a person and your physical features. Many teens think people are self-absorbed when dressing or loving how they look. There is a difference between being self-absorbed and having self-love. Self-Love is the act of putting your own happiness and well-being first, something society lacks. You should accept who you without being too obsessed with your image. 

Having self-love is difficult for many teens including myself. It can be very difficult to accept who you are in this society today. Society sticks labels on what everyone considers to be beautiful.  Many girls feel the need to live up to these beauty standards that we have today. I find it sad that so many struggle with self-image. 

Many teens describe self-love differently. Sophomore Amanda Amato says, “You can be more confident and not insecure about yourself.” Sophomore Hannah Popadin-Lesniak says, “Being confident in yourself and putting yourself first.” 

The Self-Love movement can create a safe feeling—where you are heard, supported, and loved. Alana Arvanitis, the founder of this movement, created it to help people understand the importance of self-love. 

It all starts with Self,” Arvanitis says. “Your relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”( Self-love is very important in finding happiness in your life. You must be happy with yourself and who you are as a person. 

I think having self love will make you more happy in life. You can go to the beach on the weekends and not be insecure. Learning to love who you are on the inside and outside can positively change your life. It may be hard to accept yourself in the beginning. Don’t give up and try to achieve this. Achieving this early in your life can create a positive and happy future for yourself.