New Year’s Resolutions — Easy to Proclaim, Tough to Stay with

Amanda Amato, Reporter

Happy New Year! We are officially in the year 2020 and what does everybody do before the new year? Make New Year’s resolutions! Everyone is trying to lose weight, make more friends, quit bad habits. On the other hand, everyone makes a resolution but very few keep them throughout the year. Only the most-disciplined find the motivation to continue these uncomfortable changes. Some procrastinators never even start their resolutions. This needs to be changed immediately.

I asked friends what they’re New Year’s resolutions are and how long they think they will stick to them. “My New Year’s resolution is to do better in school, and eat healthier,” Jaclyn DeAngelo, a sophomore, says,

When I asked her how long she thinks her resolution will last she responded with. “not very long.I try to stay with my resolutions, but it only sticks with me for a couple months… it depends what it is.” 

Senior Timothy Eletto said his resolution was to meditate more. As to how long he he thought he’d do that he said, “I already kind of failed. But I’m trying to get back on it.”Both students had great resolutions yet already failed keeping them up, or never started. As much as I don’t want to assume, it seems that many teens today don’t have the motivation or strength to change their routines. 

If you want to stick with your resolutions but don’t have the motivation, there are many resources that can help you trick yourself into doing things you don’t normally do. Apps like SparkRecipes and MyQuit Coach help you continue resolutions such as eating healthier and quitting smoking. So don’t give up on your resolutions and remember how much they will benefit your life. It’s always good to challenge yourself and make a list of goals you want to achieve.