You Should Go and Join “G.O.” !

Angelina Maciak, Reporter

Have you thought about joining a club, but aren’t sure what’s right for you? If so, Government Organization, or G.O., may be the perfect fit! G.O. is all about organizing, planning, and helping coordinate events in the high school. Not only do we plan Pep Rally and Homecoming, we also arrange events such as Spirit Weeks, Penny Wars, charity drives, and other activities. We are always very eager to hear any new thoughts or ideas for the club. 

There are some viewpoints that we are always excited to hear about, including new events we can start, different drives we can do, different charities we can donate to, and additional ways to get students and staff more involved in spirit activities. We would love to get more people involved in the club starting next school year, because with more people come more great ideas! 

This year, freshmen will be able to join the club as well, so if you are interested make sure to listen to any updates about interviews! For all upperclassmen looking to join, keep your ears open for any new announcements regarding G.O. and we hope to hear from you next year!