FBLA’s Amazing Race

Meghan Tucker, Reporter

Starting Monday, March 28th through Friday, April 1st, all students of Wantagh High School get a chance to participate in FBLA club’s Amazing Race, just like last year. Each board cost $3.00, with all proceeds going to charity (still undecided). 

Director of the club, Mrs. Compagnino, creates a sheet of boxes each filled with a fun fact of an anonymous teacher. The goal for each student is to guess which teacher belongs to the fun fact, and if so, they receive a sticker from that teacher. The difficulty is that you can only ask that teacher once. The student with the most stickers receives a prize. The first one with the most wins so timing matters! 

The board consists of five rows and six columns, each dedicated to a specific subject. For example in the Math and Admin column, a box says, “I was a translator at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.” So, it is up to you to try and find that teacher in that department who matches with that fact. In the Business, Art, and P.E. column a fun fact is, “I spent two weeks in Israel for a worldwide conference, swam in the Dead Sea, and also climbed Masada.” 

Mrs. Compagnino says, “During Covid, I really wanted to boost morale around the school. I wanted something fun that the students and faculty would be excited about so I wanted it to be inclusive for everyone. I already know it will be more popular than last year because we have over 25 boards sold so far. We are undecided on the charity at the moment. At our next FBLA meeting, we will take a vote and decide what charity we would like to donate the money to.”

This is a fun way to learn more about the teachers of the school, donate to charity, and participate in a challenging yet exciting competition.