Best Things to Do Outside Near Wantagh

Amanda Combs, Reporter

The freezing winter air is finally fading into a warmer spring breeze, and everyone is going to need fun things to do that are close by. We need reasons to get out of the house and be active this season. Here are a few fun and active things to do in, or near, Wantagh to get everyone moving this spring.

Of course, biking is a great and easy way to stay active and luckily there are many great trails in, or near, Wantagh. One of the best, and most well-known, biking trails is Wantagh Parkway Trail. The trail is great for a long walk, jog, or bike ride. Cedar Creek Park also has trails that can be enjoyed by walkers and bikers alike. Of course, Wantagh Park itself is also a great place to walk or ride a bike, mostly due to its beautiful scenery.

Some more out-of-the-box activities available in Wantagh include specifically made courts for all types of sports. People often enjoy having a quick game of volleyball or basketball, even pickleball, but lack the room to do so in their own yard. Wantagh luckily has many alternative locations to enjoy these sports.

Volleyball is a favorite spring sport, and if you aren’t on a team, but still want to enjoy recreational play, Wantagh has a few local courts available. Both Jones Beach and Seamans Neck Park have public beach volleyball courts and are both in the area.

Not only does Seamans Neck Park have volleyball courts, but also courts and fields designed for baseball, pickleball, basketball, tennis, and more. This makes Seamans Neck Park one of the best places to go for fun outdoor activities and is conveniently located in Seaford, only minutes away from Wantagh.

Of course, there are other ways to spend time outdoors without being extremely active. Just enjoying the sun and outdoor breeze is exactly what some people need this spring. Fishing is an example of a fairly relaxing activity this time of year, and luckily, there are many places to do so in the area.

The Twin Lakes Preserve is a great fishing pond and is located in Wantagh. The lakes are surrounded by trees and greenery which is perfect scenery for any relaxing activity, especially fishing. For some people, fishing while surrounded by trees and dirt is too adventurous. Fortunately, Wantagh Park has a fishing pier that is more controlled, and isn’t right in the heart of nature.

We are all ready to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring with open arms. Spending time outside in the sun and getting fresh air are some of the most important parts of the season. Hopefully everyone can enjoy these activities and more this spring without having to get too far from Wantagh.