Behind the Scenes of Sportsnite 2023

Riley Henry, Reporter

Black and Gold are back! Sportsnite is preparing for their 2023 season. This year’s Overall Captains are Jessica Gutfleisch and Olivia Cascino for team Black, and Emily Avena and Ashley Breslin for the Gold team. After the Black Team’s victory last year, the Gold Team has been extremely determined to give it their all and beat the Black Team. The Gold Team’s theme this year is “Gold Team at the Circus” and the Black Team’s theme is “Black Team in a Nightmare.” Each captain is devoted to making their fair contribution to their team and leading a victory. 

The “Night Of”, the night that Sportsnight actually takes place, is what participants typically describe as “the best night of their lives.” There is also “The Week Of”, the very fun and stressful week surrounding the final competition. During that week, there is the dress rehearsal, the volleyball game, TP Night, and the diner breakfast. Black Team captain Gutfleisch shared, “I am so nervous the week of, but at the same time filled with excitement. It’s the most fun week of Sportsnite, and everything feels worth it.” Gold captain Avena said that during the week of, “I’m making sure to enjoy it while it lasts and trying to perfect my dances and cheers.” The dress rehearsal also is a big moment for both teams, when they get to see each other’s dances for the first and only time. 

Captains Gutfleisch and Avena and both have done Sportsnite for three years, one year cut short from COVID-19. They couldn’t be more spirited. Gutfleisch said, “I’ll miss the friendships I formed and the volleyball game the most about Sportsnite.” She also said that she has “formed many unexpected friendships with underclassmen and upperclassmen, some I can even call my best friends.” Gutfleisch mentioned that she may have even grown closer to people in her own grade. 

Gold captain Avena said that what she’ll miss most about Sportsnite is “being in a positive and energetic environment.” She also stated that last year’s loss “was upsetting, but no matter the outcome, win or lose, I would continue to do Sportsnite for the experience.” 

Avena said that in order to make her last season the best she will “continue the tradition and make sure it stays alive by showing underclassmen and new people doing Sportsnite just how fun it is. For decades, this one night has made people form new friendships, get out of their comfort zone, and just become a more spirited person during their high school years and hopefully this tradition will continue for many more.”