Text All Your Friends about the New Texting Policy

Gina Plutchok, Reporter

On the very first day of school, every teacher, in every period, reminded you about the texting new policy. Last year, some teachers permitted you to have your phones out during class. They’d let you have it on your desk, even though we knew that the teacher would be bothered by it. But, we teens don’t care if teachers are bothered by it because in some way, we all are just a bit selfish. We knew that they were looking down at us every time we went to answer a text message or maybe even a phone call. Wantagh High School formally made a new rule called the “Texting Policy. “

This new texting policy says that no phones are allowed in or during class time. It’s understandable that the teachers want you to learn as much as you can. However, some kids are getting a little frustrated with this rule. They always forget that if you are caught with a phone or if your phone is out, will have to take your phone to room 104 and your parents will have to pick it up after school.“It’s short, sweet and right to the point” says the Dean of Students, Mr. Haruthunian. However, if you get caught with a phone out, in won’t be so sweet.

Texting in school is, in my opinion, unnecessary. When you are texting and walking at the same time, it can cause problems, not only for you, but for other inhabitants that walk these halls. You can look away from your phone for two seconds to watch where you are going. Also, you don’t need to be texting a friend who you can see in between classes or after school. Finally, the teachers are here to teach you, not to watch you text. It’s rude, when the teachers have to stand up all day and talk about something they already know and have to watch you sneak your phone in your purse or in your sweatshirt pocket.They can see you.

So, to save you from the trouble you’re going to get yourself into, just wait until after class to text. You will survive without it. It’s only 40 minutes a period that you have to wait to answer a text.

I doubt the seniors want any of the younger kids bumping into them or tripping them because they were answering a text and not watching where they were going and I’m not trying to point any fingers but some freshman do this, especially. I was a freshman too, I did that. You can wait to talk about how lame and annoying the class you have now is. Just trust me, you don’t want to have to deal with your parents having to come up to the school and you having to explain why they are picking your phone up from room 104.