Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Jaclyn Weiner, Reporter

The world has lost a visionary, an inspiration, a genius. Steve Jobs died at age 56 of pancreatic cancer, on October 5. Jobs fought a continuous, long and strong battle of cancer, but no one can say he spent his time struggling with difficult obstacles of life with nothing to show for it.

Jobs was the founder of Apple, a multi-billion dollar industry which changed and improved the technology we use today. Inventions, such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and the advanced computers that Apple creates, revolutionized the world of technology.

Jobs’ first Apple computer was completed by Jobs and his business partner, Steve Wozniak, in 1976. That summer, it was released. This was the starting point of the generation of Apple and Macintosh computers. The technology, demand, and value of these computers shot up throughout the decades, now being respected as one of the best computers and software sold today.

The first iPod was released, as well as iTunes software, in 2001. iTunes was the first legal online music store, first releasing ten-thousand songs to buy and download. iPods throughout the years were revolutionized with new software, designs, capacities, and capabilities, and iTunes currently has over one-hundred-million songs available. Twenty-two million American adults own iPods, today. That is 11% of the United States population.

The first iPhone was released, in 2007. iPhones not only could call and text, but had different useful and fun apps, and other new capabilities introduced to the technology of phones. iPhones can also be said to have started the trend of touch-screen cell phones. On the release date of the first Apple smartphone, many camped out just to be the first to have one. The new capabilities didn’t stop there. Newer iPhones have new technology, such as, built in webcams used to talk face to face with someone through your phone.

A new device was released, called the iPad, in 2010. It could be described as a handheld, touch-screen computer, that also has many applications that can be bought and downloaded. Within the first nine months of being on sale, Apple sold fifteen-million iPads, making it the new hottest gadget to have.

Steve Jobs had the mind of a true visionary. He knew what our generation wanted, before we even did. He will always be remembered for his genius and expansions on our technology today. Many in his industry will be working off of his accomplishments for years and years to come.