Foreign Language Week


Lindsey Cohen, Associate Editor

Wantagh celebrated Foreign Language Week, March 12-16, and as always, was a blast. The week was kicked off the when the language students were given informative lessons on different languages and cultures. The French students were taught Russian by their teacher, Mrs. Curatola. Those studying Spanish and Italian were taught Chinese by four international local college students. As intimidating as we Wantagh students might seem, the native Chinese students who went by American names Lillian, Lisa, Claire and Carol did a phenomenal job speaking about their culture. Students learned about what each of the animals on the Chinese calendar symbolizes, different holidays and cuisine and one student even commented on her love for New York fashion. On Tuesday, it was time to “manger,” “mangia,” “comer,” or simply, eat. Each language class was fully equipped with an array of foreign foods. Side step together seemed to be stuck in the heads of many foreign language students on Wednesday when we were taught some traditional dances. Mrs. Grober’s Level 5 Spanish classes individually worked on their “Cultural Symposium’s.” Students presented on topics such as bull riding, cuisine, cultural, dress and more. Each student was allotted 15 minutes to present and other languages were brought to listen and learn.

Eighty-one of the best LOTE students were inducted Thursday evening into the Foreign Language National Honor Society. 44 Spanish, 26 Italian and 10 French students were inducted after great speeches were made by administration and members of the Foreign Language National Honor Society board. Friday periods 8 and 9 many French students took to the stage to perform at French Idol. Mrs. Psihos, Mr. Dimusio and Mrs. Dorfman judged the brave and talented contestants. A French class performed a hilarious skit mocking Americans in France. Joey Smith and Colleen Frezza played the two out of place pancake-craving Americans. Co-chefs Kara Arena and Grace Hostetter were appalled that they would ask for pancakes in France. There were also guitar solos, adorable duets and group acts with some cool shades that really added to the performance by a group of freshmen. Juniors Megan McCormack, Hailey Orgass, Carly Simeone and Mary Barbarino sang and danced to their French rendition of “Call Me Maybe.” Alison Prestia on guitar alongside singer Justine Re tied for first place with Sophia Koukoulas who played a beautiful piece on the piano. Foreign Language week is always a memorable one, there’s no doubt that Wantagh will outdo themselves next year.