Deadliest School Shooting in Six Years Devastates Chardon, Ohio

Eric Malmud, News Editor

The deadliest school shooting in 6 years took place in Chardon Ohio, February 27. A teenager opened fire in the cafeteria of the school killing three, injuring four with a young man now rendered brain-dead and put off life support through request of parents. He did not go to this school but instead went to Lake Academy in the nearby town of Willoughby. One of these victims, Danny Parmertor was an honors student. One of the mothers of these victims forgives the suspect T.J. Lane. This is an act most people can’t do but she said that forgiveness is love and that he didn’t know what he was doing. His wish is finally being fulfilled as his organs are being donated since he died.

The gunman, 17-year old T.J. Lane, apparently went to a cafeteria where the four victims were sitting. The one he killed was the one trying to duck under the table. The FBI wouldn’t comment on a reason why he did this but it could very well be the cause from bullying. A courageous teacher chased the shooter out of the building where he was caught shortly after. The suspect used to be in a rough family but then made his life better by living with his grandparents. The day of the shooting they noticed that the .22 Caliber pistol was missing. Lane admitted to bringing a knife and gun to school on Monday morning and firing 10 shots, said the prosecutor of David Joyce. The grandparents said they have no explanation for why there grandson did this. They say he was a typical teenager didn’t smoke or drink and didn’t know what he wanted to do in life. The judge Timothy Grendell, will not give out any information regarding this suspects Juvenile Court record. His reasoning is that it would make the jury biased.