D’Angelo Is No Longer Wantagh Schools’ Superintendent

Shannan O'Neil, Editor in Chief

Phil D. D’Angelo, the Wantagh School District’s superintendent, was apparently suspended with pay from his position, September 19.

The Wantagh School District announced his departure as superintendent and also announced that Maureen Goldberg, Forest Lake Elementary School’s principal, will be the temporary superintendent and assume the responsibilities of the former superintendent.

Including Goldberg, Wantagh School District has had five superintendents in one year, three of whom were interim superintendents. D’Angelo was hired this past July. He had a very strong record in running the Skaneateles Central School District in upstate New York, as superintendent for six years.

The school board initially announced that D’Angelo was placed on leave. According to recent articles inThe Patch and Newsday, it can be inferred that D’Angleo is still being paid. The school board has said that “personnel reasons” are what’s behind the leave. The Board of Education President, Michael Cucci, said in an email to the parents of the district, that he was confident that Goldberg will execute the duties of D’Angelo well.

There is much speculation about the departure of D’Angelo. Community members are appalled and perplexed by the situation. The former superintendent has not been reachable since the incident.

It’s still not clear whether D’Angelo has been suspended or has resigned from his position. D’Angelo signed a multi-year contract of $227,000 per year.