Wantagh High School Welcomes New English Chairperson Mrs. Waldbauer

Falyn Katzman, Associate Editor

Wantagh High School would like to welcome Mrs. Waldbauer to our staff this year. She is the new Director of ELA and Secondary Reading. Mrs. Waldbauer went to Connetquot High School in Bohemia. After graduating, she went on to Michigan State University as a Communications major, and then transferred to Dowling College where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in English Education. She also has Master’s degrees from Stony Brook University and from The College of New Rochelle. Most recently, she has been doing graduate level work in literacy through Touro College.

Upon completion of college, Mrs. Waldbauer spent some time catering, coaching, substitute teaching and teaching summer school until she was hired by the South Huntington School District as a probationary English teacher. She has been teaching English for the last eighteen years and supervising ELA departments for the last eight years. Mrs. Waldbauer has always been drawn to English. She loves the creativity in the subject and the ability to help students analyze literature and communicate, write, and express their thoughts and ideas.

Mrs. Waldbauer is loving her time here at Wantagh High School. She appreciates how warm, welcoming, and supportive everyone has been to her. She said that this is a great community filled with friendly students. The couple of months she’s been here have already been crazy. She is constantly running from one task to another. As the head of the English department, she is back and forth between the five Wantagh schools for grade, district, and department meetings, as well as observations.

Outside of the school, Mrs. Waldbauer enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons. Make sure you get a chance to meet her if you haven’t yet!