The Winner of French Idol 2013 is…..

Falyn Katzman, Associate Editors

This year’s Foreign Language Week was a success, and what better way to finish it off than with French Idol? French Idol is an annual performance put on by the French 5 class. The show was on Friday, March 15, periods 8 and 9. This year’s theme was “Le Tour de Culture.” With as much talent as Wantagh holds and judges Mrs. Dorfman, Mr. Muzio, Ms. Romano, and Mr. Brown, this was one show not to be missed.

The audition process began on February 15, 2013. Ten hopeful contestants and groups anxiously awaited their time to shine in front of judges Bridget Gifford, Grace Hostetter, and Alyson Mintz. All the contestants sang and danced wonderfully, each earning their golden ticket to Paris.

After auditions, there was exactly one month to get everything needed for the show together. Posters were painted and hung up around the school, videos were written and filmed, calls were made for prizes, and scripts were created. As stressful and hectic as this month was, everyone knew that everything would come together come showtime. The entire project was overseen by Madame Curatola, the high school’s French teacher. Even with teaching French 4 and French 5 during the same period, she managed to give all her students equal attention, and made sure everything for the show was perfect.

The show opened with a wonderful performance from Maggie Tigue. “I had a great time performing in French Idol,” said Maggie, a senior in Wantagh High School. “It was a great experience.” Next came songs from Nikoleta Mountanos and Morgan Sullivan, Luke Pacchiana, and a performance of “Madame Style” featuring Bridget Craig, Sophia Liu, and Cristina Zirilli. Ryan Reyes wrapped up the first act with an amazing dance performance. After a short intermission, the show continued with a song from Carly Censi. After that, the entire French 4 class performed a skit they wrote themselves. Then came a song from Brendan Egan and Courteney Gannon, followed by Eric Tomeo, Christopher Hughes, Vincent Profera, and Matthew Tanner. The show ended with a fabulous performance from Kara Arena with special dancing guest Bobby Kawecki. “I think the show was great,” said senior Jake Kaplan. “The performances were entertaining and the videos were funny. I definitely enjoyed both periods!”

Kara Arena took the first place spot with Carly Censi in second and Maggie Tigue in third. We would like to thank our sponsor, Bistro Citron, all of the contestants and judges, and Madame Curatola!