This is Devine and Revine

Ashley Faverey, Reporter

For the past decade, social networking apps/websites have been the popular craze. Have you heard of Vine? Vine is the newest social media app that has people of all ages very excited. The app was created by Dan Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June, 2012 but finally became popular this past April. Vine now has over 40 million users and counting.

Vine lets you capture and share six second videos that play in a loop. Six seconds may sound very short, but Vine users have grown used to and made the best out of it. People are using the app as a creative outlet by creating videos that include “special effects,” make people laugh, are educational, or are just plain cool to watch. The videos’ shortness were a very smart idea on the creators part because people tend to get bored watching videos that are too long. No one would skip over a video that’s only six seconds, so you find yourself watching vines for hours and hours. It is also easy to get sucked into Vine because as you scroll down your feed, the video automatically plays so you don’t have to click any buttons to play it.

The videos are shared by the like and revine button. When you like a Vine, it goes into the “like” section on your profile. When you revine a Vine, it goes into the “posts” section of your profile and also comes up on the feeds of all of your followers. When a Vine gets a lot of likes and revines, the person who posted it will usually become “Vine famous” and gain many followers. Many Vine famous users use their fame to make money. They make T-shirts and sell them, or even sign with a company that will pay them to use their product in a Vine.

One of the most popular Vine users, a young boy named Terio, became Vine famous when his cousin Maleek began recording Vines of Terio dancing while he sang the phrase “Ooo kill em.” These Vines quickly went viral and Maleek and Terio even recorded a song called “Ooo kill em.”

“Terio is my favorite person on Vine,” said Alexa Cohen, a Wantagh High School sophomore. “Every single one of his posts makes me laugh.” Terio and Maleek are now known all over the world and are recognized by people on the streets on a daily basis.