New York Fashion Week 2013

Diana Kimbley, New Editor

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week started on September 5, 2013 and ended on September 12, 2013. Every day, multiple designers would show their collections for spring 2014. Designers include: Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, J Crew, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Rachel Zoe, Ralph Lauren, and many more.

ELLE magazine reported top trends seen at the runway. One of the trends was graphic print. Many different designers included head to toe graphic print ensembles in their collections. Everyone knows that floral prints and spring go hand in hand, but, designers are stepping it up for 2014. They are focusing on ladylike and preppy floral prints. Another trend is white wide-leg pants. We are seeing designers like Calvin Klein and Reed Krakoff include this piece in their collections.

You’re probably reading this and saying to yourself “Why are they showing spring collections in the fall?” Women’s wear designers show their spring and summer collections in New York in September and end in Paris in October. For the fall/winter seasons they start again in New York in February and end the shows in Paris in March. There are approximately 40 fashion weeks throughout the year that are held throughout the world but the main four are New York, London, Milan, and Paris. New York Fashion week has been the longest running fashion week.
New York Fashion Week started in 1943 by Elenor Lambor, a fashion publicist. She wanted to give American designers a chance to show off their work. It started out as a trade-only event and was only open to manufacturers and buyers. The event has become more glamorous and entertaining over the years and has attracted many celebrities. For three decades, the shows would take place all over New York City but now all of the shows are in one location. In 1994, designers showed their collections in Bryant Park which brought order to the event in scheduling. “The Tents” were very glamorous but also hectic. As NYFW attracted more people, the space became too small. They moved the even to Lincoln Center in 2010 and gave designers a chance to have more space to work, and accommodate new models, designers, editors and buyers. You would think that since it is such a big event, it would last about an hour. But, each show is only about 20 minutes. An audience can wait up to 2 hours for a show to actually start. For each city, the models walk a different way. For NYFW, the models walk quickly but in Paris, they walk more slowly and smoothly.
New York Fashion Week 2013 displayed many new trends for spring 2014 and over 300 collections were shown. Fashion week is very important for the fashion industry and to buyers and merchandisers.