The Long and Winding College Process

Jaiden Molyneux, Reporter

No matter what year of high school you’re in, at some point you are questioned about college. From freshman to senior, you’re already pressured about college decisions. The stress can be a lot to handle at a young age.
To help make your decision simpler there are a few steps you can take:

1. What Do YOU Like?

In this day and age there is a lot of pressure on picking colleges that will enable you to get the best job. There will be a lot of adults telling you exactly what you should do be but in the end it’s up to you. Take advice but don’t let that change your mind. Make a list of interests that immediately come to you when you think of the future.

2. Now What?

Ok great! You have a list of ideas, but what do you do with them? Try taking this list to your guidance counselor. Your counselor will guide you in the direction of what majors for college your interests fall under. I know sometimes you feel like you don’t need to be counseled, but this is what they’re paid for. Make an appointment as soon as you can and make sure you discuss everything and any questions you have about college.

3. Continue Research

Once you’ve collected some majors that will go along with your interests, take it to the next level. Start looking up colleges that are meant for your majors. There are also plenty of online personality tests that can give you lists of colleges that go with who you are. That’s something else you can talk to your counselor about. They have dozens of websites and tests you can take to see what will really work for you.

Even though college seems far away for freshman and sophomores, you always need to take control. If you are a junior, hopefully you are well into this process. If you are a senior, good luck as you get those scary emails and open those letters. Always make sure you put yourself first. Don’t let anyone tell you what your future holds. Make sure your happy with your decisions. Never feel threatened by a counselor, they’re there to help and get you to where you need to be. College is important, just make sure your college is the right one for you.