Ping Pong Tournament Raises Money for Charity

Laura Mallon, Editor in Chief

The competition was tough in this year’s Annual Ping Pong tournament. Senior, Lucas Neroda took first place in a very competitive student bracket.

Neroda faced senior Christian Antonetti in the semifinals and Brandon Naranjo for the Championship. His quick reflexes, which he used to lead the soccer team to a playoff No. 1 seed as a goalie, helped him gain the victories. The teachers’ bracket was less competitive, but the top contenders kept it interesting.

Mr. Kravitz, an English teacher, took first place after defeating Physics teacher Mr. Colavita, a former Ping Pong tournament champ. “Colavita is always a formidable opponent,” said Kravitz, who won this event for the first time in its 20 years. “He was making a run against me. But I was fortunate to get control of the game again and I was very fortunate that Bogatz couldn’t compete.”

Mr. Botgatz is the Forrest Gump of Wantagh ping pong; he has won 17 of the 20 tournaments. But Bogatz couldn’t compete due to a dentist appointment.

Out of the 50 participants, Kravitz and Neroda were the last two standing. The two played each other to determine the ultimate ping pong player at Wantagh High School. It was a close 21-19 win for Kravitz.

“Lucas is very good,” said Kravitz. “I was fortunate to beat him. ”

Since Kravitz has won the title many students have challenged him and defeated him. But they just couldn’t play that well when the pressure was on.

However, Neroda took away the $25 first prize. The rest of the money was donated to the American Heart Association.