Don’t Squeal on Wantagh


Mike Donlon, Reporter

Imagine what Wantagh would look like if it had farm animals as pets running around all the time. Instead of taking dogs for walks on the streets, owners would bring their cattle, horses, and sheep for trips around town.

It seems as if our town is heading in that direction because three W.H.S juniors have non-domestic animals as their everyday pets at home. Three boys, who will remain unnamed, have pigs as pets. One has a pig that is close to 100 pounds, while the other two have miniature potbelly piglets.

Although it may not be kosher for pigs to be kept as pets in the Town of Hempstead, these guys and their families keep their little friends away from harm. The families who own these farm animals are always hoping that their neighbors next door won’t squeal on them.

Pigs are known to be smarter than dogs and cats. The process of potty training a pig is completed within a short amount of time and the pigs are quick to pick up information on what to do, when to do it and where to do it. Pigs have learned to show a sign to their owners that they need to use the bathroom, and they know to learn a special spot to do their business every time.

The mystery is probably boggling your mind: which of your peers has one of these little four-legged friends? Just remember not to squeal on Wantagh.