Gallo Draws Students in


Dylan White, Reporter

The Wantagh art department gained a very valuable teacher this year, and her name is Mrs. Gallo. Mrs. Gallo is a new art teacher whose eager to teach the students about something which she is so passionate about.

Mrs. Gallo chose Wantagh as her place to pass on her knowledge of art because our prestigious art department, and she sees much potential in Wantagh’s art students. She enjoys the traditional ways of art such as drawing and painting but also has a niche for figurative art. She says that she expects her student’s full effort in her class because she believes everyone has the potential to excel. Some of Mrs. Gallo’s favorite parts of our school include the welcoming staff and of course, the students.

As for her new colleagues, the native New Englander said, “I love them! I just met them in the summer but it feels like I’ve known them forever.” She also thinks just as fondly of the students, she thinks they’re very well-mannered, polite, and ready to learn. Mrs. Gallo is also very excited to have the students paint replicas of masterworks as well as have the students dip their toes into sculpting. Mrs. Gallo studied art at the University of Texas, where she graduated, and then earned her master’s degree for art at the University of Hartford.

Mrs. Gallo defines art as life, because it is everywhere and in everything. She says she wants to act as a guide for her students, not only in art but also in life, and she says how she wants to encourage her art students in anything they do. Mrs. Gallo is an extremely kind, funny, and driven. She can’t wait to help her students learn to love art. She is a teacher students will enjoy working for and learning from.