No More Looking Out the Window?

Grace Tague, Reporter

The ‘window seat’ on airplanes can either be your favorite or least favorite thing. If you are the one who loves the window seat you no longer need to worry about not getting that seat in the future. In the next ten years you may be flying on a windowless plane. A UK technology association, The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is a group of people who want to make this happen.

Planes without windows will be an advancement in technology. According to ABC News, CPI imagines the next generation aircraft to save fuel while drastically changing the customer experience.

Having a plane without windows makes the aircraft lighter so it means less fuel and that leads to lower costs in flying. The calculations is that each time plane weight reduces 1%, there’s a 0.75% savings in fuel cost. So everyone including the passenger, manufacture, and airline wins by spending less money.Also there are fewer harmful emissions which makes it more echo friendly.

The overall flying experience will be better too. Passengers will be able to see panoramic views through giant OLED panels that cover the walls of the aircraft. OLED panels are thin flexible screens that show everything that’s going on outside and will replace the windows. It will be like your own touch screen computer. You will be able to use the internet, check emails, and change the view through different angles of the planes.

Still, being in the ‘window seat’ is great, but sitting in the middle and aisle seats will not be that bad either. Mail Online stated the ‘window seat’ will be able to change the view or use the full length screens as an in-flight entertainment system. Also if you have the other seats then you will be able to use futuristic system on a screen embedded in the head rest in front of them.