Instagram Captures Wantagh’s Stories

Instagram Captures Wantaghs Stories

Bianca Buffamonte, Associate Editor

In this day and age, social media has consumed the mind of society. While some people are strongly against advertising their lives on the Internet, there are some great advantages. Whether that is spreading worldwide news, sharing an achievement you’ve received or just showing who you are, social media can actually keep the connection between diverse areas of the world.

In the field of journalism, a new revolutionary idea has been introduced. If you are not aware of the famous photojournalist, Brandon Stanton, he has set a personal mission to single-handedly create a catalogue of New York City’s inhabitants. Stanton walks up to complete strangers and with their permission, he takes their picture and then asks thought provoking questions revealing deep emotions. Each question leads to a story which really makes you think, “What’s the backstory of the person sitting next to me right now?” With each person and question, he created the world renowned book and blog, “Humans of New York.”

Two Wantagh High School seniors, Victoria Zozzaro and I, started an Instagram page called, Humans of Wantagh, mimicking Brandon Stanton’s idea. Started in early December, there were quickly over 100 followers. Students and teachers have been answering the questions honestly; a few, deeply thought out and the others being comical. This strives to characterize the individuals that make up the Wantagh school district. It’s for people to show their fellow teachers, friends and even familiar faces, that they have something to say.

“I think it’s unique and interesting, it gives an insight on the individual person instead of everyone seeing students and teachers as a whole,” says Wantagh High School senior, Alex Burrano. “It’s quirky and funny while also heartfelt.”

“It’s an opportunity to appreciate and capture the wisdom that’s in our backyard,” says Ms. Beary. “It’s funny, you’d be surprised by the honesty.”

There’s daily posts everyday on the Instagram page, featuring kids of the student body and of the faculty. Some common questions are: What are you most afraid of? Can you remember the time you were most happy?

But first, we always ask the question: Do you have anything on your mind right now that you want to share?

“This is my favorite question”, says Zozzaro. “You never know what they are going to say. We all have these minds and are constantly thinking.”