Fiorillo a Fantastic Fit at Wantagh

Jaiden Molyneux, Features Editor

It takes a certain type of person to educate students with learning disabilities. You need patience, strength, and most of all, a deep passion and a love for your career. Wantagh High School’s Special Education program is already filled with amazing teachers, and Jacqueline Fiorillo is a great addition to this program.

Ms. Fiorillo prepared for her career by studying at Marist College. She majored in English and Secondary Education 7-12. She fulfilled her craving for knowledge by later graduating from St. Joseph’s College with her master’s degree in Special Education.

During her high school years she was a hardworking student. She participated in school plays, and she was a member of the show choir and her school’s swim team. By junior year Ms. Fiorillo knew she wanted to go into the teaching field. She was inspired by her 11th grade English teacher, a woman who had successfully created an exciting learning environment where her students enjoyed reading, writing, and simply coming to class each day. Ms. Fiorillo knew at this time in her life that if she were to become a teacher, she would want to work in a middle school or high school setting.

This inspiration drove her to gain more experience in the Lindenhurst School District and at St. Patrick’s School where she taught middle school English. After recently starting at Wantagh High School, she is already a part of the Staff Development Committee, and a co-advisor for the Key Club. As a Collaborative teacher, Ms. Fiorillo continues to help her 12th grade students achieve success in their classes and establish goals to easily transition into college and the work field.

As for career goals here at Wantagh High, Ms. Fiorillo hopes to have a successful year and to continue to grow as a teacher by motivating her students to meet their goals.

The student-teacher relationship can differ from one teacher to the next, and every teacher has his or her own style. Ms. Fiorillo is the type of educator who wants her students to be comfortable in the classroom, and she wants to help them gain the confidence they need to ask questions in school and in other settings.

Ms. Fiorillo is young and energetic; she’s a great addition to Wantagh. She is already so involved with the school that it appears her transition will continue to go smoothly.