Back Home Finally – More Than Two Years After Hurricane Sandy


The Tague House, brand new, two years after Hurricane Sandy

Grace Tague, Reporter

After 777 days my family and I have moved back into our home after being displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Going home seemed impossible. I felt like the day I would be able to sleep in my own bedroom again was never going to come. I couldn’t even imagine what life would be like back home.

We moved back December 16, the day my house became “home” again. Coming back after not living in my house for two years was dreamlike – too good to be true. There were always times we were supposed to return, like the summer, the first days of school, birthdays, Thanksgiving and other holidays. The week of December 14 was the first real move in date that actually made sense.

The first night home was exciting but weird. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the thought that this time we were going home. Once we were finally in it became real. Moving in right before Christmas was the best gift I could receive. Celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve in my own home with my family and friends was so nice.

“After two long years of not being home I am very happy,” my mom said. “However, there are still many South Shore families not home yet and we feel terrible for them.”

The whole house is a brand new, since everything was destroyed by Sandy. My parents also had the opportunity to add a front and back porch and doggy dormers in the bedrooms upstairs.

As hard as the two years have been, both my family and I were very lucky to have our family and friends. They were there for us the moment they found out our home was destroyed and all the way through the moment we moved in.

Having my grandmother was a blessing. She was always there for us and did so much for us. She lives in Wantagh which was a huge advantage; my life and my sisters’ lives stayed as normal as possible. We were so fortunate to stay in the same school and live so close to our friends, if not closer. We even stayed on the same bus since she only lives two blocks away.

Not being home for two years made me realize how much we take for granted. Some of us thought losing electricity for those couple of days, even weeks, after Sandy was the worst possible thing. Really, it was a small setback that was eventually fixed quickly, compared to those who are still not home over two years later.

We always worry about all the little things in life, like wanting the newest iPhone or latest clothing item. We don’t realize how lucky we are. A warm home to live in, a loving family: when you have that you should be grateful. Think of all of the Long Islanders displaced by Sandy, especially those who are still living with family, friends, who live in hotels, and who were forced out of their homes.