Mr. Baruch, New Math Chairman, Happy to be in Wantagh and working hard to Transition into the New Common Core Curriculum


Dylan White, Reporter

Mr. Baruch is the newest member of Wantagh’s Math department. He is the new Math chairman for Wantagh. He comes across as a warm, hardworking, and genuinely nice person. So who is the man behind this position?

The father of two hails from Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix is also where he has gotten all three degrees. (Arizona State University, BA in Ed., Northern Arizona University, MA in Admin, University of Phoenix, MBA). Before he came to Wantagh to be closer with his family with his wife who now works in Syosset, he worked in Eastport South Manor and fulfilled the duty of a Math and Science chairman.

Here in Wantagh he works as Math chairman only, so he handles things such as observing teachers, budgeting, transmitting the new Common Core curriculum to classrooms, and answering any questions that students, fellow teachers, coworkers might have.

While the Common Core Math curriculum has been stressful to some students, Mr. Baruch says that all students, teachers and administrators, are working hard to do their best as the transitions take place. He finds the community to be composed of hardworking and respectful people. He gets along with all of his co-workers whom he describes as “fun, hardworking, and polite people who are great to work with.”

Mr. Baruch also likes Wantagh because he likes to partake in triathlons and Wantagh is home to his favorite bike store, “Brands.” He also enjoys playing guitar, mountain biking, listening to Christian contemporary music such as David Crowder and Phil Keaggy, and wrestling with his two-year-old daughter and four-year-old son. “I just really enjoy being a Dad,” he said. “It’s a wonderful experience and I am so blessed to be a part of their lives.”

Mr. Baruch says that he wants to be viewed by others for how he really is: a supporter of education, a supporter of co-workers, and a supporter of students. There is no doubt that Mr. Baruch will do an exceptional job as a Math chairman.

Though he comes from Arizona, he says he loves winter, the snow and the change in seasons. “My favorite season is fall,” he said. “I love the cooler temperatures and all of the colors, especially when mountain biking; red, gold and brown leaves falling like rain while zipping down a single track. It doesn’t get much better than that.”