The Heely King Proving this Fad’s Fade False

The Heely King Proving this Fads Fade False

Lindsay Kramer, News Editor

In the early 2000’s a trend swept the nation that stole kids’ attention everywhere. They rolled into kids’ hearts, pun intended. Everywhere you went, especially grocery stores – where the floors were slick and smooth – adolescents and teens zipped around on their Heelys.

Eventually losing their popularity, due to the bans from schools and the ever changing ideas of kids’ minds of what’s cool and what’s not, Heelys faded like most products that come out as the “in thing.”

Heelys hadn’t been spotted for years, until recently. One of our very own classmates, a senior, has been zipping around on his Heelys. Dan Palazolo is bringing back memories of the good old days.

“One day I was thinking about how great they were, so I got online and ordered a pair for myself,” said Palazolo. “The looks I get are classic.”

However, Dean Haruthunian said that Heelying around school is not permitted as it is unsafe.

So you won’t see Palazolo zipping through the hallways. If the weather ever gets nice again, you might see Wantagh’s “Heely King” making a faded fad his own signature identifier.