A Montauk Restaurant Since 1927

Grace Tague, Associate Editor

Over the years Montauk has changed and continues to evolve. Montauk is located at the tip of Long Island and is commonly called “The End” because it is literally the end of Long Island. Montauk is known for its proximity to the beach and for its surfing. The oldest restaurant in Montauk, Trail’s End has been sold for $2.15 million dollars.

Trail’s End opened in 1927 and was originally located on Fort Pond Bay. It remained on Fort Pond Bay until 1938 when a hurricane knocked the restaurant off its foundation. Trails End relocated to Euclid Avenue over near the town center where it still remains today.

The former owner Robert Rottach and his family ran the restaurant for 31 years. The property was on the market for six years. As Montauk is becoming more popular, there have been complaints by the locals about how vacationers are acting and how Montauk is losing its traditional ways. Rottach wanted to find someone who wouldn’t change the character of Montauk. The Trails End was always a place that kept the Montauk feel to many people.

According to Carey London from 27east.com, “Dylan Eckardt of Nest Seekers International, who sold the property said, Mr. Rottach waited for a buyer with the heart of a local.” It was sold to Long Island Entrepreneur, Michael Nasti.

Nasti was the perfect choice. Nasti has been vacationing in Montauk since 1993 with his family. He wants to make everyone happy, including the locals of Montauk.

“I want to keep a Montauk feel,” said Nasti on 27east.com. “Year-rounders should be able to “‘walk in as a local and feel at home.’”

Trails End is now closed for the off season but hopes to open by next spring. The restaurant will open under the new name, The Tauk at Trails End. It will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Steven Paluba will be looking over the new menu. Paluba is a chef at a beachfront hotel in Montauk called the Atlantic Terrace.