For Sassy News Read The Skimm

For Sassy News Read The Skimm

Nyatasha Jackowicz, Editor in Chief

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, ISIS, Putin vs. Obama Issues, #FreeKesha, Broncos, Cosby, and other pieces of news, occupy lonely reporting channels that no one has time to watch. The solution? The Skimm.

The Skimm is a sassy newsletter that gives you everything you need to have in your arsenal to take on over-achieving know-it-alls. This free newsletter sums up the goings on of the Nation and sends its reader an email with everything you need to stay up to date. The information is even presented with great segways into talking about your new found knowledge.

It all started with two strangers, who originally met overseas in Rome, that bumped into one another working for NBC News in Washington DC. They desired to give the inside scoop to friends and colleagues that didn’t have the time or the interest to look up current events. They want to change regular conversations and improve them for the betterment of friendly relationships and general knowledge.

Sign up for theSkimm on their website and help yourself out. You’ll be more aware of the world that exists outside your bubble, it’ll impress your parents and friends, and maybe your new found knowledge will help you fluff up a test.