Jeb Bush Said What?

Sara Sneddon, Associate Editor

Sara Sneddon

For the 20th annual year the JEB BUSH Florida Classic fundraiser supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation took place at the end of November.Consisting of a Golf Tournament, Fishing Tournament, BeachBash, and 65 Roses Gala a portion of the funds from all the events go towards the foundation. Since the kickoff of this classic, nearly $7.5 million have been raised excluding this year’s profits. At this 20th anniversary, my mother and I were able to take part in the Gala. Because my sister, Kate, is afflicted with this disease, friends connected us to the event.

The Gala portion of the classic was held at the The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. The honorary co-chair and ex-presidential candidate Jeb Bush assists this event every year. Bush contended for the Republican party nomination for president but dropped out early in the primary race. The 65 Roses Gala, the black tie portion of the classic, consists of a live auction and a silent auction. From the rose covered tablecloths to the entertainment of the night, the event was spectacular.

A silent auction is where bids are written on a sheets of paper by the designated auction item. Then when the specified time for the auction passes, the highest listed bidder wins the item for the written amount. From island retreats to wine tastings, there were many things to bid for. The high-class event was a step into another world.

At the pre-party cocktail hour, a select group of about 50 guests talked with the special guest of the evening. Chatting about twitter, college and the presidential race, Bush was greeted by the many Florida residents. While conversing with him about college he asked me where I would be attending. Telling him I would like to go to the University of Delaware, he responded “Why?” in a disapproving tone. Unprepared for this response, I quickly spouted information about the university. Bush said he believes state schools are the best option for rising college freshmen. Coming at a much cheaper price,universities in states like those in Florida, where he was a two-term governor from 1998-2006, have programs aiding the residents when they attend state colleges.

After the cocktail and silent auction, the event moved onto the live auction and dinner portion of the night. The meals were brought to each guest as various speakers celebrated the 20 years of the event and the C.F.F. Donating over thousands of dollars, sponsors and guests raised a multitude of funds for the foundation. While the evening was drawn to a close,

Over the past 20 years, Bush has been a constant presence in this organization. Even with running for the presidential election, he managed to make it down to appear at the event. The JEB BUSH Florida Classic has raised millions of dollars for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The dedication of the team members was evident by the amount of detail and work they put into the events every year. Immensely aiding the foundation, the JEB BUSH Florida Classic has helped add new tomorrows everyday.