California Brawling – KKK and Protesters Battle in Bloody Fray

Annie Goode, Entertainment Editor

Originating from a small group of pro-slavery racist men around the Civil War era, the Klu Klux Klan is one of the oldest, most violent and feared hate groups. They have been in the shadows for over a century and a half, but still exist in American society today promoting the unrealistic and atrocious dream of a world of only one race. A horrible brawl between Klu Klux Klan demonstrators and protesters against hatred occurred in Anaheim, California, February 28.

Protesters, who heard about a planned rally of KKK members, were parked and ready to fight outside a public park in Southern California. When six anti-immigrant Klu Klux Klan demonstrators pulled up with signs reading, “White Lives Matter” and other provocative signs, all hell broke out.

These KKK members didn’t rep the traditional white hooded robe, but were decorated with confederate flags and Klan crosses on their clothing. Protesters did not hesitate to brutally storm them. Three of the six Klan members fled the scene when their van’s windows were smashed, leaving the other three members outnumbered by about 30 protesters. Many fights broke out with people stomping on each other, fist fighting, and one Klansmen carrying a flag even stabbed a protester with the end of his pole, leaving him in critical condition.

By the end of this bloody mayhem, there were three stabbed and hospitalized. Over a dozen were arrested but five were released after police and investigators studied video evidence. Those in custody were protesters accused of stomping an elderly Klansmen, and 4 Klan members for assault. The number of KKK groups decreased in 2013-2014, but climbed back up in 2015, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which keeps track of hate groups,